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Welcome, we are excited you decided to try out our sample of the APD Direct Care Workers.Org Knowledge Based Skills Test. We know you will find that this sample test is an introduction that will give you an idea of the actual test. Our actual test has 50 questions from a bank of over 100 questions. The test randomizes the questions to ensure accuracy of results. The tests will not be duplicated. This allows for a great asset to your company in the hiring process. This test offers an example of the actual Direct Care Worker Knowledge Based Test. Employers will have an opportunity to know your skills in the direct care worker has acquired throughout years of service. This is also a great opportunity to establish that your applicants are great candidates and are well capable and skilled for their position.

Our testing process will advise if the individuals have the common knowledge of basic health care skills as well as great decision making skills.

Listed are the skills covered in our actual APD Direct Care Worker Knowledge Based Test:

Decision-Making Skills

Assisting in Accomplishing Person-Centered Goals

Zero Tolerance (Reporting Abuse)

HIPPA also known as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Health and Wellness

Critical Thinking Skills


Behavioral Clients

Conflict Management


Infection Prevention and Control



Supervision of Nutrition


Report Writing Skills

Training Skills Administration

Note: This test was designed for individuals who have prior experience in the health care and long term care field.

HHA, CNA, Direct Care Worker, Companion

Disclaimer: This company is not affiliated in any way with the Agency For Persons with Disabilities. We are a private company and are offering services to providers with private group homes and residential care facilities as well as the general public.

Our Training Concept

Online Courses Training Team

We are proud to have implemented this site to enable Providers to select quality skilled workers for their establishments as well as allow their staff to acquire state required in-service training's. There is an essential need for this service for greater outcomes for the clients that are served, to assisit in empowering them based on their ability. Many direct care workers are given positions in care facilities or homes. Yet, the basics of direct care start with the foundations of knowing your clients medical and developmental needs. Many agencies hire direct care workers and ensure that the workers have the basics such as CPR, First Aid, Medication Administration, HIPPA, etc. which are great for medical needs. But the missing element have been vitally important is, how to understand and hsve knowledge to assist in developing their goals and outcomes. Our services consist of courses to assist in understanding their diagnosis as well an in-site on their disorders and immediate health care needs that are known to occur in many of the clients we serve. We believe to have a foundation of understanding of the client will assist in ensuring positive outcomes for the clients as well as the direct care worker involvement. Furthermmore, the ultimate goal is to provide courses that are catered to the knowledge and understanding to empower a competent direct care worker for the clients that we serve as direct care workers. As well as assist direct care workers to elevate in their positions and also offer the best skilled services for their employers while enhancing their skills, knowledge, decision-making skills and responsibilities.Finally our courses and lessons are developed within a consistent and cohesive framework, through long-standing partnerships with thought leaders in the field. The idea behind Direct Care Workers.Org was conceived because of the need for reliable, standardized training. Direct Care Workers.Org llcAchieving The Power of Success!We wish you the best of your endeavors,Direct Care Workers.Org Management TeamVisit our Main Site www.directcareworkers.orgAlign Yourself With people that you can learn from, people who want more out of life, people who are stretching and searching and seeking some higher ground in life.- Les Brown-

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